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Your Fountain Drink and Equipment Services

When your business requires fountain equipment and products, we can help you meet these demands. Pepsi Cola of the Hudson Valley offers a full line of fountain products and equipment for your business.

Fountain Products

We carry a full line of fountain products including Premix, Postmix, Bag in Shell and Juices.

Premix is soda that comes premixed and ready to drink inside 5 gallon tank. It is ideal for locations where you are looking for the quality of a bottled product with the convenience of a fountain application. Ideal for situations where there is poor water quality or no water availability.

Postmix is our concentrated syrup that is mixed with your water to produce our soft drinks at your location. This product is available in a 5 gallon tank or in a Bag in a Shell.

Bag in Shell is our concentrated syrup contained within a reusable “eco” friendly package. We have eliminated the cardboard surrounding the bag of syrup and replaced it with a plastic shell. These shells nest together when empty to minimize storage space. We carry a full line of Juice Products in Bag in Box that are manufactured by Lemon-X, under their “Growers Fancy” label.Compostable-cup.png


Cups & Supplies

Cups and Lids Pepsi Branded Paper Cups are ecologically friendly, compostable and available in many sizes.

Fountain Equipment



We have equipment options for different types of business.

• Bar Guns. 8-14 button guns
• Self Service Ice Dispensing
• Electric counter units
• Ice cooled Drop Ins

Equipment Repair

Technical service for the equipment is dispatched from our Newburgh, NY facility to insure prompt and accurate service. Our service technicians are on duty 7 days a week from 7AM to 9 PM. We use instantaneous dispatching and fully stocked service vehicles, to get our customers back in business as quickly as possible.

Special Events

We are the specialists in providing beverages for your special events. Small Events: Bottles or Cans Medium Sized Events: Premix Fountain Equipment and Premix Tanks. Large Events: Special Event Trailer Equipped with Premix Fountain Equipment and Premix Tanks.


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