About Us: Mission / Vision / Values


Our Mission Is To Meet The Needs Of The Customer
Our Mission Is To Meet The Needs Of The Employees
Our Mission Is To Meet The Needs Of The Community
Only Then Will Profitability Follow To Allow Our Survival And Growth

Vision and Values

Pepsi-Cola is in business to produce and sell quality products that will make a profit and thereby contribute to the welfare of its employees and to the local communities in which we operate. In order to achieve our Company purposes, we employ capable people, provide training, development, and opportunities for advancement, and offer equitable rewards, pay, and benefits in exchange for their contributions. As an employer, we are interested in the personal advancement, well-being and security of our employees and their families. And, as a result of our cooperative efforts, we are able to provide our customers with products and services that will merit their continuing confidence. This is how we remain competitive and keep growing.

Our charter is a simple one. It is to be the low cost producer and distributor of quality products with superior execution. However, facilitating the type of growth and development described above requires us to strive together to become a “Distinctive Human Enterprise”. This means that the Company believes that in order to achieve the “low cost producer” status, we must create and foster a work environment which encourages effort, prudent decision making, teamwork, professional nourishment and individual growth.